One thing about digital marketing, things change at such a rapid pace. Current trends can be passé in mere months. Consumer habits are evolving at an alarming rate – they’re becoming savvier by the day. Consumers know what they want out of their consumer journey and don’t respond well to a substandard experience.

Below are mission critical for the right consumer journey:

Responsive Design – consumers are using mobile to access the web more than 60% of the time now. When they search on their smartphone or tablet, they want an experience that is designed for their digital device.  A non -responsive mobile experience is no longer an option. Plus, mobile-optimized sites receive favorable search results on Google.

Content “is” the Ad – More than 70% of marketers are publishing more content than they did last year, while 80% use at least one paid advertising model to distribute their content. Remember, content needs to be personalized and high quality or consumers will not engage with it. Content is the new ad and story telling is as important as ever.

Targeted Messaging – In years past, consumers were put off by messages that were targeted  to them. However, the tables have turned and now they’re expecting personalized messages from the brands they follow. Targeted CTA’s have a higher view to conversion rate than standard CTAs.

Unified Multichannel Marketing – If a brand truly wants a world-class digital experience, it has to be seamless. Consumer expectations are high and because they’re so savvy, they recognize disjointed messages and inconsistencies between communication channels. Remember the Moment of Truth? A consumer can be influenced positively or negatively anytime based on an experience with your product or service. It still holds true to this very day.

Attribution models – Chief Marketing Officers are now recognizing the value of other attribution models over last-click such as multi-touch, time-decay and position-based. On the horizon, brands and their marketing partners will continue to evolve their attribution models and how they compensate their advertising partners for performance.